10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business with Online Video

10 Easy Ways to Grow Your Business with Online Video

There are countless ways to use video to promote your business, from expensive professional campaigns to candid clips from around the office. If a pro film crew is out of your budget, then take a look at these cost-effective ideas for using video to capture the attention of your potential customers.

Introduction Video 

How about a short video introduction to your company and services on the homepage of your website? This video should include who you are, what you do, and why the person watching it should care. It can feature a voiceover, or perhaps an interview-style snippet of an employee or third party talking about the business. Including a variety of footage of your office, shop floor, merchandise, customers, and employees creates a more personable and interactive video. Alternatively, you can opt for an animated video if you would like to introduce your business in a more lighthearted or funky way.

Product/Service Testimonials

Humans tend to favour something once it has been recommended by other people. Video testimonials not only lend a human identity to a website, they increase the perceived value of your product or service. When putting together a video testimonial, remember that the most powerful ones are unscripted. Have your customers put their experience with you into their own words, and you’ll get a fantastic testimonial for your website.

Product/Service Demos

Shooting short product demonstration videos is a simple and easy way to help customers interact with your product. By showing what you have to offer in action, your potential customers will gain greater understanding of and trust for your business. To achieve this, make sure that this video is modelled around how to solve problems for your customer instead of egocentric brand promotion.

Here is a good example of a problem-solving video that shows different ways to wear an American Apparel dress:

Site Tours (Behind The Scenes)

A behind the scenes tour that showcases your positive and innovative workplace can be great for corporate branding, and give potential customers a sneak peek at what it’s like to do business with you. They are also useful for attracting qualified job applicants to your company.

Company Successes

When your business achieves success there is buzz in the office that you should recreate with your potential customers online. Share your successes by putting together montage videos of your celebrations, or include footage from a recent awards ceremony or event your company attended.


A video that answers your customers’ frequently asked questions will hit the mark with people who are in the research phase of their buying cycle. During this phase they are actively searching for a solution to their current problem, so make sure your video provides it.

Holiday Greetings

It’s traditional for many businesses to send out holiday greeting cards to their customers, clients and employees. Stand out from the holiday buzz by creating a memorable and fun holiday greeting video. This can be as easy as a slideshow of messages and photos, a heartfelt message from employees or a funny skit featuring the office, props and settings. These videos are great to share on social media pages and to play at client parties.

Company History 

This is more of a tug on the heartstrings video that features how your company came to be and what it has achieved along the way. These videos should be able to tell an interesting or inspiring story to build branding and create a historical perspective.


If your business already has commercials, make them available online. When properly optimised, your video content can help capture a wider market of viewers as well as increase the possibility of your video appearing as a suggested or related video on video networks such as YouTube.

Candid Videos

The great thing about candid videos is that they don’t have to be high in resolution or quality. Rather, you can get by with an affordable camera, such as a Flip HD Mino or normal digital picture camera that records, and get by with minimal editing.

I hope you found this list useful! Do you have any other inexpensive video ideas for business promotion, or have you had success or failure with any of these methods in the past? Please let me know in the comments. 🙂

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