5 Blogging Ideas

5 Blogging Ideas

So your business has just installed a blog onto its website and you aren’t exactly the world’s best writer. Yet you know how important it is for you to regularly update your website in one way or another. So you spend an afternoon trawling through the Internet looking at your competitor’s blogs, your family blog, possibly even your friend’s Facebook updates – only to realise that you are still out of ideas.

Well have no fear anymore. What I am going to propose for topics and ideas to blog about here isn’t exactly rocket science or the secret of getting hundreds of extra visitors per month. Rather, it is meant to give you a framework of what can be posted that is both useful and potentially interesting to your readers and clients. By being just a little more transparent on the blog about the organisation, you are allowing people to become involved and hence feel a part of what is going on.

  1. Introduce new staff members – A great way for people to get to know those who they are dealing with is to announce them online. Now obviously not everyone will be outgoing enough to have their picture and a few bits and pieces about themselves online for all to see. However, even just by letting people know there is a new member of the team (use first name only if you must) and explain the role they will take – you might even find people are coming in and specifically asking for that individual.
  2. New product announcement – The first thing you do whenever you launch a product should be to broadcast it online. It is by far the cheapest and easiest way to get the word out. Instead of issuing a press release or distributing it in other ways – the blog leaves all those other methods out to dry in terms of exposure.
  3. Share client successes – In your business dealings you will come across many that will truly appreciate the product or service you are offering. It is those stories that can go on the blog and be shared with everyone. These testimonials can build trust in your organisation and the brand, encouraging even new businesses or customers to try your offerings. Trust and new business go hand in hand.
  4. Charity & Other Events – For one reason or another, many organisations are afraid to mention what they get up to besides their core product. If your organisation has helped some specific charities or participated in some relief assistance (such as Haiti currently) – that is something your company should be proud of. It is ok to show that you care about the community and the world around you, and people respect those organisations that give back. Even if you participate in community initiatives or join in local festivals or shows – take photos, videos, even Tweet from specific events if need be to prove how active you are. Even if you are attending a trade show or seminar to help you improve, that shows that your organisation is growing and is concerned with bettering itself and its employees.
  5. Commenting and giving your opinion on events that affect your organisation or clients – This is another option that is constantly overlooked. For example, if there is some form of new legislation that will be or has been past, where are your clients (even the employees) going to find out? Sure they could go look at some government site in a badly formed PDF – but wouldn’t you rather they came and got their news from your website? I know I would. By being on the cutting edge as well, it makes you an authority for a particular industry or skill set. E-Web on our blog does this by always commenting on what is happening in the search space and how it will affect Australian businesses, big and small.

So I guess the next stop after this is getting out your notepad (unfortunately no iPad as yet) and start brainstorming ideas from this. Then you can go crazy and make sure your website is doing the job you want it too.

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