AdSense Reports on Device Platform Traffic

AdSense Reports on Device Platform Traffic

A post on the Inside AdSense blog has announced a reporting update that allows website owners to track the type of devices visitors use to access your website. Visitors are grouped according to their use of desktop/laptop, mobile smartphone, and other mobile devices.

The reporting enhancement enables site owners to develop website content that supports high traffic user platforms. For example, with mobile internet usage growing exponentially, website owners may well discover they are experiencing a high volume of traffic from smartphone mobile devices. Therefore, they should invest in AdSense for Mobile Content to support iPhone and Android web applications.

AdSense breaks down website performance data into three primary categories to better segment users:

  • Traffic deriving from desktop/laptop computers
  • Traffic deriving from high-end (smartphone) mobile devices: These are devices with advanced computing and connectivity abilities that combine the features of Wi-Fi, mobile broadband access, GPS functionality, camera phones, touch screens, portable media player functionality and personal digital assistance.
  • Traffic deriving from other (low-end and mid-range) mobile devices: These are phones that run unique software without a complete operating system. These devices are able to run Java which is not integrated with other features of the phone but instead appear as “applications”.

To access the new user information, log into AdSense, select the Performance Reports tab and click into “Platforms” which appears in the left navigation list.

A page should now appear with a breakdown of the three platform categories as well as the revenue returned from each.

AdSense’s upgraded interface is intended to allow website owners to create a better experience for their users through device platform targeting. Here’s hoping they take advantage of it!

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