AdWords & Analytics: Amazing Bedfellows

AdWords & Analytics: Amazing Bedfellows

Google AdWords and Analytics are  two of the  most widely used Google products, with many businesses utilising both platforms to help them run and understand the results of their online marketing. Sometimes a business will engage one consultant or company to manage its AdWords account, and another to look after its Analytics account. While it certainly makes sense to let an AdWords Qualified Company take charge of your PPC campaigns, and an Analytics Qualified Individual to review your Analytics data, entrusting these tasks to separate consultants isn’t the most effective approach.

AdWords (in White) and Analytics (in Black): both rowing towards the same destination

Why use one team for both products?

Through working on many online marketing campaigns,  we’ve discovered first-hand how Analytics can improve AdWords campaigns and vice versa.  After doing an analysis of a client’s AdWords performance it dawned on us that many of their converting keywords were not being targeted at all in their website’s SEO campaign.  We then began checking Analytics against AdWords for converting keywords and we were quite amazed by the results.

There was only a 50% overlap in targeted keywords between the PPC campaign and what was driving organic conversions. That was several years ago now, and ever since we’ve been advocates of a holistic online marketing approach, where we cross-reference data from AdWords, Analytics, Facebook ads and Remarketing banners  to identify what works, eliminate the non-performers, and maximize conversions.

Originally they were going to be called the Analwords team, but that led to an embarrassing Google Search at the office.

The Analytics team!

How to find your top performing keywords in Analytics and AdWords

We have a lot of clients with a lot of keywords, so we’ve developed a nifty little program that automatically checks and cross-references high performing keywords for us. You can do also this yourself manually, it’s really easy. Just export the converting keywords from Analytics and AdWords, put them in an Excel table and see if they match up.

This is how we used to do it, before we created our little helper. We may even release it in the near future if there’s enough demand for it. Let us know if this is something that you think you could benefit from and we’ll see what we can do. 🙂

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