AdWords Editor Version 9.5 Now Released

AdWords Editor Version 9.5 Now Released

Google AdWords has finally launched AdWords Editor Version 9.5 for both Windows and Mac computers. Read on to find out more about the most relevant updates.

1. Campaign Experiments

This feature was only available through Google AdWords before. Now, it has been incorporated into AdWords Editor. The feature allows you to apply and edit an experiment status at the ad group level, ad or keyword level.

2. Location Extensions

The new version supports the creation of any location extension offline, as opposed to having to create it directly in Google AdWords.

3. Background Download

This new feature allows you to download accounts in the background while you are working on another open account. This feature will save you time as you will be able to work rather than waiting for the downloads to finish.

4. Campaign Settings

Some settings can now be changed through the AdWords Editor interface:

  • Enhanced CPC (enabled/disabled)
  • Delivery Method (standard/accelerated)
  • Ad Rotation (optimise for clicks/optimise for conversions/rotate)
5. Test Destination URLs
Ablity to test destination URLs by clicking the icon next to the destionation URL. The destination URL will open in your default browser.

6. Ad Disapprovals:

You can now see specific reasons for ad disapproval by mousing over the disapproved status.

There are other new features added to AdWords Editor Interface that you can review here. To download the latest version, simply log into your AdWords Editor account, where you will be requested to upgrade. You may also download directly from the AdWords website.

Undoubtedly, this new version will make your life easier if managing multiple campaigns – or even just one!

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