Apple Gets Back to Mac

Apple Gets Back to Mac

With all the buzz about the iPhone 4 and the iPad these days, one could be forgiven for believing that Apple is ignoring its founding product, the Macintosh computer, as a stage parent might neglect an oldest child who has outgrown its cute stage.

But it seems that the steadfast Mac is more of a big deal for Apple than recent media attention has given it credit. The company has revealed that Macintosh products contributed a full third of its annual revenue last year, a cool $22 billion USD. According to Apple’s data, one out of every five personal computers sold in the US is a Mac, and sales of Macs have tripled within the last five years.

Apple has drawn attention back to the Mac with the release of a new generation of MacBook Air, which it is promoting as a synergy of laptop and iPad. Features of the ultramodern notebook are a 7 hour active battery life, a 30 day standby period, a width of 0.11 inches at its thinnest point, and an eschewment of hard drive for purely flash memory.

According to the company’s CEO Steve Jobs:

“We see these as the next generation of MacBooks. We think all notebooks are going to be like this one day. We’ve been inspired by some of the work we have done on iOS and want to bring them back to the Mac.”

Also on the horizon for Mac is the App Store, currently only accessible to users of Apple mobile devices. Mac users will soon be able to download the App Store directly to their desktops, enabling the now not-so-overlooked Mac to take proud parent Apple’s income to even greater heights of glory and fame.

Well done, Macintosh. That deserves a hug.

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