Battle Of The Engines

Battle Of The Engines

Google is one of the dominant forces online, dwarfing all other search engines.  Even with the creation of Bing, Google remains supreme, and it would take much more than a single entity to topple the giant.  But is Google’s market share slipping?

According to ComScore, Google’s US search percentage slipped from 65.1 in March to 64.4 in April, while Yahoo’s share rose to 17.7% up 0.8% and Bing’s 11.8% up 0.1%.  Although these statistics are rather small, this doesn’t mean they are irrelevant.  If Bing and Yahoo! (more commonly known as “BingHoo”) rolled out their blended engine it would command 29.5%. A big slice of the online search pie.

Even though the battle of the titans has been waging for years, it shows no sign of slowing down or stopping.  NineMSN has release a streamlined search homepage for mobile users.  There has been a noticeable move to make Bing dominant in this new site, being only 1 click away.

These moves haven’t gone unnoticed by Google, which is still leading in new ideas and innovative technologies. Google Goggles, for example, are very cool.

Google has also recently released a new interface design for its homepage, though this has been greeted with mixed responses from netizens.  I even expressed the normal “huh – what the…” when I got to work in the morning.  After watching a good ol’ Google video I now understand that Google is trying to make it easier to find more relevant and recent information.

The list of differences between the search engines could be debated forever – if only they released the search algorithms! One of the more interesting facts is in the difference in short tail keywords.  Bing will give the most relevant search results as well as categories.  Google will tally millions of searches, and give the best results from other users data.

Although the battle is long and fierce, there is little information to show that Google is significantly slipping.  The benefits from a user’s perspective are advantageous that the battle wages on.  The biggest and best weapons and innovations are created at the time of need.  I am looking forward to seeing the changes from both engines, and I am sure you are too.

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