Call Metrics Released to US and Canadian Advertisers

Call Metrics Released to US and Canadian Advertisers

Google annouced in early July that Call Metrics had been released to all AdWords advertisers in the US and Canada, following an 8 month beta period for a selected few. Call Metrics allows advertisers to effectively track the number of call enquires generated from thier PPC ads.

How It Works?

Google assigns a unique number to your campaign so that each time somone calls the number from the PPC Ad, it will automatically be tracked by AdWords.

A Few Changes

  • More detailed reporting to show time, duration and caller area code for each call, as well as making the reporting available at the adgroup and campaign level for manually dialed calls
  • A new pricing structure of $1.00 USD charge is applied to manually dialed calls
  • Phone Extensions is now renamed to Call Extensions

It was interesting to hear Google’s plan to incorporate calls into Ad Rank calculations in future releases saying “you’ll be able to influence your ad position by specifying a bid per call greater than $1.00 USD. This will parallel the way that clickthrough rate (CTR) and max CPC bids can influence Ad Rank today”.

For more information about Call Metrics check our my earlier post when it was first released as a beta version in November last year.
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