Conversion Rate Optimisation

Improve the conversion rate of your site

Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is the process of analysing user behaviour on a website, to determine how to increase the rate of web user conversion. This is a very helpful process, if your site has a good amount of natural traffic but fails to convert highly enough.


We use heatmaps as a source of quantitative data for the user behaviour on your site, allowing us to see which elements get attention and where people are getting stuck or confused.

User Recordings

Our unique software enables us to watch individual user sessions as recordings, which means we can gather qualitative data about how users flow through the site and see where they’re falling off.

User Testing

We also get direct feedback by asking users to remotely test the website with microphones (after first identifying people who are in the correct niche to do the testing).

You could be missing out on conversions right now

Often there are various elements on your website that are slowing users down, which aren’t clear at first glance. This can negatively impact your business, by frustrating people and causing them to leave the site without converting. E-Web can help you get to the bottom of this and fix the issues holding your website back.

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Fixing your conversion rate problems

Once we’ve looked into the problems with your site, we can help you solve them in various ways.

Video reports

Our interactive videos can identify the problems and discuss potential solutions.

Written reports

We’re able to recommend how to solve user experience problems, using formal documentation.

Web Design

We can design solutions for your problems, by providing ideas that can improve your conversion rate.

Web development

You’ll notice an improvement in the frontend and backend systems that support users on your site, since we can help you to implement our designs, or your own.