Customise Your AdSense Ads with New Fonts

Customise Your AdSense Ads with New Fonts

How can you brand yourself in text-only advertising? The messaging inside your copy is one way, but your choice of font may also be telling your audience more than you think.

In a BBC Report by David Sillito, font experts described digital fonts as, “The new handwriting”. Depending on their style and shape, fonts can be used to display your brands characteristics – be it serious, fun, modern, or edgy just to name a few. You can watch the short video report here:

What does your font say about you?

BBC Report: What does your font say about you? Click on the image to watch the video (new window).

AdSense Fonts

AdSense have long allowed their users to select a custom font to show in all ad units. Individual ad units are also open to custom settings through your AdSense display preferences.

Popular san-serif fonts, such as Arial and Verdana, have been known to perform well due to their ability to provide clear messaging and enhanced user experience. Both Arial, Verdana and the well-known Times font have always been available to accounts. The five new options available for AdSense accounts include:

Open Sans AdSense Font

Open Sans

Open Sans Light AdSense Font

Open Sans Light

Roboto Light AdSense Fonts

Roboto Light

Ubuntu Light AdSense Font

Ubuntu Light



Customising Your AdSense Fonts

To set a custom default font for your AdSsense account, simply visit Google’s Ads Font Face Customization web page to:

  • Select a custom font for all your ad units
  • Select a custom font for individual ad units
  • Set border, title, background, text and URL colours
  • Set corner style for ad units
  • Set font sizes

As Google continues to experiment with AdSense settings, we expect to see new levels of customisation being released for text-only advertising in the near future.


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