Dynamic Search Ads for Everyone!

Dynamic Search Ads for Everyone!

Back in October 2011 Google introduced the Dynamic Search Ads beta, of which E-Web Marketing was privileged to be a part.  Yesterday we learned that this feature is being rolled out globally. Great news!

So What Are Dynamic Search Ads?

With dynamic search ads, Google maintains an up-to-date inventory of your website using its organic web crawling technology. When a user searches for a query relevant to the inventory of your site, Google dynamically generates a unique ad. This ad has a headline based on the query and the destination URL of the most relevant page of your website.

One important thing to note: dynamic search ads enter the auction normally, however they will be held back if a keyword targeted ad is eligible to show instead. In other words, your dynamic search ads campaign will complement and ‘fill in the gaps’ of your current campaigns as opposed to competing directly with them.

Google claims that on average, dynamic search ads outperform their non-exact keyword ad counterparts by 10% in terms of cost per click and cost per conversion. In our tests, however, we have found dynamic search ad campaigns can achieve as high as a 30% lower cost per click while retaining strong conversion rates.  A feature definitely worth trialing in your campaign, especially if you have an e-commerce store with a large online inventory.


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