E-Web Gets a Lower Bounce Rate

E-Web Gets a Lower Bounce Rate

It was a sunny Wednesday afternoon, spirits were high and lunch was tasty … But for one lonely handball court it was the end of its bounce. Due to growth here at E-Web, sadly the good ol’ four-box handball court has been delegated to the court of courts up in handball heaven. 

The history of the court started way way back once upon a time during the industrial days of the E-Web cross-Chandos-street move.  With growth anticipated, the famous E-Web leaders decided it was time to find greener pastures – and a larger office.

The move was grand and rewarded by copious amounts of beer and pizza. Soon afterward, it became apparent to many E-Webbers that the huge space between desks in the middle of the office was inconsistent with our company value of doing more with less. In the true Way of the E-Webber, this superfluous gap was transformed into a rocking handball court. The rec room had been already filled with foosball, pool and table tennis – what greater place to play handball than right in the middle of our office!

Alas, those days of handball celebrations are over. What lines used to mark the court had been wiped away with sweat and hard work – aka people walking all over them – but the faint outline of handball history still remained.  Wishing to relive days of bouncing glory, our illustrious COO declared this Wednesday to be Handball Remembrance Day.

After everyone had been fed, watered and entertained by the final episode of The Pickup Artist – it was ON!  The 2×2 court was filled, the cheerleaders were gathered and the first ball was served. Broken hearts, foul balls, yells of SERVICE was what followed.  The games were even, but the outcome was the same. 

It was a sad day to see the handball court take its final bounce, but a necessary sacrifice as our family is growing with many new E-Webbers – all dedicated and eager to bring Happiness, Success and Fun to everyone we encounter.

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