E-Web Marketing's Top 10 Posts of 2012

E-Web Marketing's Top 10 Posts of 2012

It’s great to be back in the office for another year. We have already shared with our mailing list our predictions for 2013 (where we regularly share exclusive content), and our very own Matthew Forzan was also interviewed for his predictions on Jason Mun’s blog: 2013 SEO Predictions by Australia’s Top SEOs.

But let’s take a look at what our biggest topics with our audience were in 2012.

1. Google Penguin

This comes to no surprise as our biggest topic of 2012. Many sites were slammed with penalties, resulting in one of the biggest changes in Google’s search algorithm history. Two blog posts about Google penguin dominated our Top 10 List:

  •  How to Protect Your Site Against Future Google Penguin Updates [INFOGRAPHIC] (Read the article by Paula Lay)
  • Google’s Penguin Algorithm is The New Black (and White) (Read the article by Paula Lay)

2. Facebook

Facebook Thumnail

Social Media has long since past its opportunity to be branded a fad – and it’s clear that it survived 2012 and is here to stay. Just as having a website became the norm for businesses, owning a Facebook Page has also become a requirement in the online world. In 2012, our most popular Facebook posts were:

  • 16 Ways to Get More Likes and Interaction on Facebook (Read the article by Annie Nguyen)
  • Google Analytics Meets Facebook: How to Track Your Fans (Read the article by Aris Abramian)

3. Bounce Rate

2012 became a year where the term, “Content is KING” became flogged to death. But how does one know whether their content is reigning in any kingdom? One of the most underrated Google Analytics metrics became one of our most searched for topic. Our most popular bounce rate post for 2012 was:
  • I Came, I Puked, I Left: Understanding the Bounce Rate in Google Analytics (Read the article by Paula Lay)

 4. Authorship


Big in 2012, and still to become even bigger in 2013. Authorship is one of biggest predictions for 2013 – something that all webmasters need to be incorporating into their content strategies for future success. Don’t know where to start? Check out some of our most popular posts on authorship from 2012:

  • AuthorRank and the Future of SEO (Read the article by Karl Fung)
  • Google Sends Authorship Notifications: Authorship is a Big Deal (Read the article by Matthew Forzan)

5. Website Specification Document

Starting your own business is easier than ever before – all you have to do is whip up a website right? Wrong! Annie Nguyen share with us exactly what goes into running a successful website with her blog post:

  • Why You Need a Website Specification Document (Read the article by Annie Nguyen)

6. Rich Snippets

Rich Snippets - Reviews

As with Authorship, rich snippets became a hot topic for advanced SEOs looking to improve every facet of their online search campaigns. With social metrics and rating systems becoming an influence on online users choices, rich snippets have brought into play unique ways websites can showcase their search results. Want to read more? Check out our most popular post on the topic:

7.  Improving Conversions

If traffic isn’t your problem, more often than not – converting that traffic is. We covered a wide range of areas to help you improve your conversion rate. Some of the biggest conversion optimisation posts from 2012 include:

8. E-Web Marketing Top 10 Best Place to Work!

For the third year running, E-Web nabbed a place in BRW’s Best Places to Work Australia awards. We placed 4th in 2012 and look to improve this trend in 2013! Read more:

  • E-Web Marketing is the 4th Best Place to Work in Australia (Read the article by Annie Nguyen)

9. Firefox Add-Ons for SEO

Understanding the health of your SEO campaign should be important for every website developer, webmaster and business owner. It doesn’t need to get complicated to assess where your website stands in regards to your competition either. Whether you use Firefox or Chrome, there are plenty of add-ons and extensions to help you run your SEO more effectively. Check out our most read post on this topic:

10. LinkedIn

This social media platform grew in 2012, surpassing 3 million users in 2012 in Australia alone. We’ve kept our audience up to date on the social platform as it grows in popularity. Here are our most popular LinkedIn posts for 2012:

  • 19 Inspirational Company Headers on LinkedIn and Twitter And How to Add Yours (Read the article by Paula Lay)
  • LinkedIn Make Changes to Company Pages (Read the article by Paula Lay)

So there you have it – our top posts for 2012. We’re hoping to get more interaction with our blog this year – so if you’re a long time reader but have never left us a comment, drop us a hello and make sure you share your thoughts with us in 2013!

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