Everyone Needs SEO… Even Twitter!

Everyone Needs SEO… Even Twitter!

If you dont know by now – let me fill you in on the hottest tip circulating around the online world. Twitter – the latest social media marketing craze is now actively participating in SEO!

Twitter has updated its title tags (for those of you with a puzzled look on your face – this is the blue line at the top of the page near the IE symbol). So what does this mean for Twitter and its ‘followers’?

Well sign up for a Twitter account, and start twittering.

Then go ahead and Google your name (admit it, we’ve all done it) and have a look at where your Twitter page ranks. I just googled myself – and my Twitter page ranks #5th!

So what’s the implication of this – and what does this mean for you?

Having your brand/name ranking highly in search engines, and maintaining ‘control’ over what shows in the top 10 results when you are searched is an important element of online reputation management. Being able to manage as many of the top listings as possible and ensure that the posts most visible only display you or your business’s ‘positive’ attributes can have a big influence on what searchers potentially think of you.

Twitter is also out ranking many users homepages/blogs – although its still early days, most Twitter users are commenting that their Twitter page is ranking between #1-#3.

This will of course lead to Twitters continual growth, as it may lead to an increase in the number of people heading over to the Twitter website, which will potentially lead to more users logging in to Twitter and using this network as a means to find out what’s going on in the world.

So what does all this mean for Twitter – does it really have the potential to become the new Google? (keep your eyes peeled).

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