Express CRO Tip Series #13 – eCommerce and Personalisation = Sales Boost

Express CRO Tip Series #13 – eCommerce and Personalisation = Sales Boost

You like to feel special. So do I… and so does your customer. Especially when it provides added convenience.

I mean, how great does it feel, on those early Monday mornings, just before the rush hour to work where you’re waiting in line at your local cafe. You can smell the coffee beans roasting, and you cannot wait. Everyday you order your special double shot coffee with extra cream and a sugar extra hot (what a mouthful for a Monday morning), but instead of thinking of what you say, the sweet girl who serves you simply asks, “the usual?”

You nod, and continue on with your day. Doesn’t that make things so much easier and more pleasant? So why don’t we do more of this online?

Personalisation is the key here and the question to be asked is: In what ways can we learn from our in person customer service experiences and apply this online?

Watch this video to find out more:

Tools mentioned:

  1. Coremetrics Intelligent Offer 
  2. Adobe Test and Target
  3. BT Buckets
  4. CNET Intelligent Cross-Sell
  5. SiteApps
  6. WP Greet Box
  7. LoopIt
  8. WooCommerce Currency Converter
  9. Zendesk
  10. LiveChat
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