Express CRO Tip Series #16 – FREE Ecommerce Category Wireframe

Express CRO Tip Series #16 – FREE Ecommerce Category Wireframe

In a previous post, I shared a free wire-frame for a typical ecommerce home-page. This week, I’ve created another wireframe page with notes – this time for your typical category page.

Category pages are frequently visited pages that are often ignored because it is seen as a gate way page to the money (i.e. product) pages. But what many sites fail to realise is, that if a gateway page isn’t designed properly, people won’t get filtered to the right pages. Fortunately, this issue is fairly simple to address.

To fix your category pages, it’s best to get a better understanding of how they function:

  • Like the homepage, they provide a birds eye view of the category and do NOT have a selling function (many online businesses get this mixed up)
  • These are pages that will typically rank well in search engines
  • Category pages work great for educating people on the right content
  • Category pages should show off your range that you have in your store
  • They need not be difficult or complicated
  • All layouts are based on convention. That is, they are based on the traditional user experience. By staying with convention, the website becomes easier to use as visitors eyes jump to places where they expect to see the “View product” button or similar
  • Use this wireframe as a guide only. There is no silver bullet when it comes to design, but following convention is key.

Want your freebie now? Download via this link here:

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