Express CRO Tip Series #2 – Reduce eCommerce Cart Abandoment

Express CRO Tip Series #2 – Reduce eCommerce Cart Abandoment

Dear Website owners,

If you have not viewed my Introduction to Conversion Rate Optimisation from last week, I recommend you watch it first before jumping into this one. You can view it here.

One of the biggest issues e-commerce websites have is customers abandoning their shopping cart before they put through their payment details. While there are many factors that contribute to this, I have collected by top 10 pointers that will help reduce your cart abandonment dramatically. This presentation covers:

  • Why customers leave without making a purchase
  • How to strategically position prices
  • The story of the button that made $300 million dollars
  • What is the maximum number of pages your checkout process can consist of
  • Why your customer want protection
  • How to measure and analyse for continuous growth

To find out how, watch this 15 minute presentation below:

Tools mentioned in presentation and helpful links:

To your success,

Amy Cheng

Head of Conversion Rate Optimisation and Design at E-Web Marketing

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