Express CRO Tip Series #20 – FREE Landing Page Wireframe Part 1: The "Download" Page

Express CRO Tip Series #20 – FREE Landing Page Wireframe Part 1: The "Download" Page

We all know that every page is a potential landing page. However, there are several ways a landing page can be laid out to achieve different business goals. In the next couple of weeks, our free wireframe designs will be dedicated to landing pages, designed to compliment promotions or any AdWords project you may be running.

This week’s wireframe is designed for generic download pages (e.g.: download our e-book, download our latest podcast, etc.). It is essentially a trade off – the user gives their name and email address in exchange for communication sent by the company. By implementing this wireframe, you can:

  1. Quickly  build a customer database – Because your visitors are looking for free information, they are suitable to be nurtured through email marketing which will eventually turn them into customers.
  2. Create landing pages for webinars, seminars, and events.
  3. Promote your company’s white paper, e-book or competitions.

Before you begin using the wireframes, here are some important points to remember:

  1. Content first – No matter how beautiful your landing page is, it WILL NOT perform if the traffic you are driving to the landing page is not relevant. Make sure all your ad copy and graphics that directs traffic to a landing page has that consistent messaging.
  2. “What’s in it for me?” – Remember that all users are looking to have their own questions answered or problems solved, so your copy should speak directly to your customers. Tip: Use less “US” use more “YOU” or “WE”.  If the copy looks like a business is talking to itself, then change it so it talks to the customer.
  3. It’s a trade off! – Make sure the item you give them to download is of high value. They gave away currency with their personal details to obtain it, so respect you deliver something of equal or higher value.
  4. Prompt action – Your item for download should include calls to actions and a website link to take them back to a destination where they can join, buy or sign-up.
  5.  Get in touch – Have a follow up process – don’t collect and forget. Have an assigned team member call up to ask for feedback on the material leading to asking if they would like to arrange a meeting to get to know your company’s services better.

Want to increase the conversion rate of your download page? Enter your email for the download to begin:

Any questions? Drop them in the comments below!

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