Express CRO Tip Series #8 – 10 Ways to Design Better Banner Advertisements

Express CRO Tip Series #8 – 10 Ways to Design Better Banner Advertisements

Proximity, Power and Influence

I went to a Tony Robbins seminar a few years back, and one particular lesson stood out to me:

“Proximity equals power” 

The lesson Tony was presenting was about personal relationships. When building relationships with people, how close you are to them physically, holds a large part of how much power or influence you have over them. Tony told a story about a man, let’s call him Bob for now, he had spoken to. The man was very upset, angry, and almost out of control, because he discovered Claire, the love his life, a friend, a woman he was chasing for months, chose to marry Sam.

Bob could not understand why Claire would do this; they had a great connection, he owned a business, and had a great job which bought in hundreds of thousands a year. So why did this other man, who had nothing compared to Sam, get the woman of Bob’s dreams. He went on a bitter tangent on how much money he wasted on her, how Claire was dense, and had no direction in her life.

“How much time do you spend with Claire?” asked Tony.

“When I can, I work late hours, but I would often send her gifts when I get the chance to make up for it, can’t Claire just appreciate what I give her?” replied Bob.

“And how much time does Sam spend with Claire?” asked Tony.

A long silence followed. “…a lot more than me, from what I know” replied Bob meekly.

Tony then asked the audience if there was any “dream woman” in our lives, or even a close one who we could be spending more time with. He also raised the question if there was someone else spending more time with them, if so, we should be at least a little concerned.

I don’t know who Claire is, if she is shallow, sexy, motherly, kind, promiscuous, angelic, or if she actually exists. It doesn’t matter what great qualities Bob has, he may be a saint, good looking, love puppy dogs, long walks on a beach, have a PHD or a big… bank account figure. But sometimes, it isn’t the characteristics that we are drawn to. Sometimes if not most times, people will choose a certain item because they are constantly reminded of it. People like the familiar, and are drawn in that way. If something is at the top of their minds, then that’s what they will choose.

This made me reflect in my personal life, as well as my approach in business marketing. Proximity, attention, closeness. This concept gets applied to Marketing everyday. We are constantly sprayed with marketing messages to buy this, and buy that, from back of buses to the apps on our phones. So often we ignore them all.

So how can we make it better?

Get closer to your customer online

How you ask? I’ll give you two words:  “Banner advertising”


Banners! Love them or hate them, one thing is for certain. We can never stop seeing banners!

Nowadays,  if you own an online business where you want to drive more sales, you can’t operate without them. If you’re not in your customer’s face, your competitors will be. You are Bob, Claire is your customer, and your competitor is Sam.

Doing it right

There is a difference to spray and pray in Marketing. It’s not about spamming your customers – do that and you’re just wasting budget.


What if I told you, you can market more effectively in a more controlled way?

In my latest Express CRO Tips video, you can find out exactly how to target your market with banner advertising. You may not get your dream boy or girl, but you will learn how to design better banner advertisements to get more sales. Watch this presentation to find out more!

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