Facebook Introduces 'Reply' for Pages

Facebook Introduces 'Reply' for Pages

In March, Facebook released the ‘reply’ feature for Facebook pages, enabling page admins and moderators to reply with more ease to their fans. This feature provides the most benefits to pages with a high volume of fans that actively participate on page content.

To enable this feature, simply visit the Facebook page (to which you have some level of access to) and click “Turn on Replies”, as per the image below:



Once enabled, you should then begin to see the extra option to “reply” underneath the users comment. This is a relief for page admin’s who may have a large following of people with common names such as John or Samantha. By replying directly from the comment, there is no need to search for the correct username.


In addition, if there is a particularly large conversation happening on your page, your replies will be collated into a separate ‘branch’, enabling users to directly see a response you may have left, as well as further comments that stem from your reply. You can see a live demonstration of this over on Arianna Huffington’s Facebook page:


Comments and replies with the most engagement will be driven to the top of a conversation, with comments deemed as spam trumped to the bottom (if they haven’t been removed by the page admin). This change sets to show both users and page managers the most important conversations to pay attention to on the Facebook page to prioritise time management  – a huge relief for admins managing thousands of fans!

Has this feature helped your page out so far? Let us know if you have found any additional use from the ‘reply’ feature.

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