Facebook Updates Text Policy for Ad Images

Facebook Updates Text Policy for Ad Images

Facebook Marketing unveiled a new Text policy for Ad Images in News Feed on their Facebook page last week, revealing an even tighter limit to communicate brand messages. According to the social network, ads and sponsored stories must now be comprised of no more than 20% text. In early 2012, text copy was reduced from 135 characters to 90 characters of body copy and 25 characters for headline copy. These changes suggest that perhaps for once, Facebook are thinking about users and clamping down on ads filled with call to actions. By reducing text, the social network expects to see ads becoming more creative and engaging. The cost of advertising will still remain the same and is applicable to add Facebook ad units including sponsored items in News Feed, photo page post ads, link page post ads, video page post ads, offers, mobile app install ads and page like ads.

Facebook Text in Ad Images

The following types of text will contribute to the Facebook text/image ratio:

  • Text overlays

Image grid technology shows more than 20% text overlay.

  •  Text within logos

Example of an ad that exceeds the 20% limit

Examples of text that are exempted from the 20% rule:

  • Logos and photographed text on clothing

Brand image in background is OK

  • Text on products

Any photographed text is OK.

These changes will be enforced by Facebook’s new imaging technology that views ad in a 25 square grid format. Should your text take up at least 5 squares, your image will not be approved. To make things easier, I’ve made a photoshop template that you can run your images through to view your text as a grid, free for download!

Download Facebook Grid Template!

For more details on the update, download the Facebook Text Policy.

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