Find Your Target Market on Facebook in 7 Steps

Find Your Target Market on Facebook in 7 Steps

The Internet is a marketer’s dream come true. 79% of Australian homes have access to the Internet (according to the latest information from the ABS) and over 11 million Australians are on Facebook.

Today I’m going to show you how to find and promote to your target market on Facebook in 7 simple steps, using Facebook’s advertising platform (you can find it here).

Before we get started, let’s assume that your target market is, at its broadest, comprised of Australian residents. So within Facebook’s ad platform, select Australia – you will be returned with upwards of 11 million users who live in Australia.

Now, let’s get down to the business of narrowing down those 11 million users to just the ones that you want to see your ads. For this example, I’m going to try to isolate some advertising demographics for a membership drive for my favourite NRL team, the Wests Tigers. Because I recently received their email newsletter, so that seemed as good an inspiration for an example as any.

11,755,640 Australians on Facebook

 1. Set the age range

Under 18 year olds are not going to be in a position to buy NRL memberships so let’s rule them out by setting the minimum age for our ad campaign to 18. This leaves us with 10,575,580 Australians who are over 18 and could be potentially interested in joining the Wests Tigers club.

10,575,580 Australians over 18

2. Find those who like your product

In the Precise Interests field, I’m going to enter “Wests Tigers”. This will cull the list dramatically to people who talk about or like anything to do with the term  Wests Tigers. We now have 156,360 potential members.

156,360 Australians over 18 who like or talk about “Wests Tigers”

3. Gender differences

In many cases, men and women react differently to ads, meaning that you might not want to show them the same copy. For now, I’m going to select male and see what numbers we get back … 87,620, as it turns out.

87,620 Australians over 18, who like Wests Tigers, and are Male

4. Localise for relevance

For this example it’s highly unlikely that we’ll get members from out of town, as NRL club memberships are usually bought by locals. So now let’s narrow down our selection to Sydney, giving us a much more modest number of 27,960 potential members.

27,960 Australians over 18, Living in Sydney, Male and who like Wests Tigers

5. Advanced Connections targeting

This section is specifically for targeting people who have already Liked your Facebook page or event. In many cases this is extremely helpful because it lets you go after those pre-qualified leads who are most likely to become your customers (if they aren’t already).

Only show those within that demographic who have liked our official page. Big Tick!

6. Pick a relationship status

Now we’ve come to the point where we can create an ad that is going to be very targeted and very specific to our targeted demographic. Because you don’t want to show a married man with 3 kids the same ad you’d show to a single bloke who wants to go to the football with his mates.
So to get to the latter demographic, let’s segment our 27,960 males into those who are single and between 18 and 30 years old.  This gets us down to 7,140 potential members.

7,140 Bachelors, living in Sydney, between 18-and 30 who like Wests Tigers

Step 7: Write your ad

This isn’t really anything to do with finding the demographics of your audience, but I figured since I’ve written this far I may as well put up an ad.

I’d go with something like this, and I would  keep testing and tweaking to find the best converting one for the demographic to maximise my marketing spend.

Example ad targeting single blokes who like the Tigers

As this example has hopefully demonstrated, Facebook isn’t just a social networking site, it’s an extremely powerful demographics search engine.  If you’re trying to find and market to a specific audience based on their demographics, use Facebook and you’ll be doing better than majority of businesses.

If you’ve had any success or failures using Facebook ad targeting, then please let me know in the comments! 🙂

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