Gain Trust and Build a Customer Base for Your New Website

Gain Trust and Build a Customer Base for Your New Website

Building a customer base for your brand new website is not an easy thing to do, particularly if you have little to no budget to spend on marketing. Here are some customer base building tips that won’t empty your pockets!

Feedback button

Add a feedback option or button on your website to help you improve your interactions with customers – you’ll most likely start receiving feedback about areas of your website that you’d never otherwise have considered. Make the most out of this feedback by not only implementing and testing the suggested changes, but also incorporating your site users’ commonly asked questions into a FAQ page. This will increase the amount of content on your page for Google to index, as well as helping your customers find the answers they are looking for without the waiting time. The faster you can solve your customer’s issues, the easier it will be to make a sale.

Practice purchasing

To assist you in refining the user experience your website offers – test, test, test! Find a few of your friends (or friends of friends) which fall under your target market and ask them  to go on your website to follow through your buying and/or enquiry process. Have them list down anything they notice throughout the process which they think should be improved. You may find that from one small change  or a bit of feedback you may increase your conversion rate 5-10% or more.

Convert your PDFs into HTML pages

If you currently have any downloadable PDF files, convert these files into HTML pages. This is the simplest way to add more content to your website. To help you save time, there are many PDF to HTML converters available online for you to choose from. Make sure that these HTML pages include internal and external links, images with descriptive alt texts, title tags and header tags where appropriate to help Google understand what your web page is about.

Don’t be a copycat

Although quality content improves website usability, don’t just copy and paste paragraphs or posts that has been published by somebody else. Search engines have many duplicate-content filters that are able to pick up on plagiarism. Your website will come across as a page that is less relevant to that of your competitor or resource website that you have copied.

Credibility is crucial

There are a few simple things that help build your website’s credibility:

  • Clear privacy policy and terms and conditions pages
  • Multiple and up-to-date contact details (email, physical address, and landline phone number)
  • LiveChat feature so you can directly communicate with your customers online
  • Customer review options and display recent customer reviews, testimonials or case studies
  • Zoomable, high resolution images of your product from multiple angles
  • Links to external sources that reference your website
  • Staff biographies or a company history page to build a trustworthy online personality
  • Pictures of your team or office (if you have them
  • No dead links or “broken pieces” throughout the site
  • No spelling or grammatical errors
  • Continually updated News or Blog section so that your customers know that the website is being looked after
  • Consistency with site colour schemes, layout, text font and size etc

“Oh by the way…”

Take a cue from the small confectionery displays next to the supermarket check out. Before a customer finalises their purchase or leaves your website, display upsell options that they may be interested in, e.g. gift wrapping or a similar product. You can also offer a discount incentive for customers if they refer a friend or they buy again from your site to encourage customer loyalty.

Get social

If you are stuck on a business or website decision that will affect your customers, the best way to ask is to speak to your target market. By reaching out to your customers through social media, you show that you care about what they think. And the more interactions that happen through social media, the more quickly your site will spread and the faster you build your customer base.

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