Get Excited: Product Extensions to be released in Australia – A must have for e-commerce retailers

Get Excited: Product Extensions to be released in Australia – A must have for e-commerce retailers

How awesome would it be for Google Advertisers to be able to show their products and prices to potential clients before they land on the website?

Well, fortunately Google thought about how to make this a reality with the release of Google Product Extensions within the Australian market in May.

What is it?

Product extension is a Google feature that links Google AdWords with the Google Merchant Centre. This connection enables advertisers to display product images, titles, and prices in a plus box under their pay-per-click ads.

Product Extensions

Product Extensions

Benefits and Potential

Google product extensions allow advertisers to show products’ physical characteristics and prices before consumers land on their website. Users will have a much better experience finding what they are looking for. As the old saying, a picture is worth a thousand words, major potential impact should be expected on click-through rate and conversion rates. Both foreseen to be spiking up.

Other benefits:

  • No extra CPC charge – advertisers will not get charged if users click on the plus box and CPCs will be the same as the text ad.
  • Product Extensions can also send users to the most relevant landing page for them on advertiser’s website (i.e. ckeck-out cart of the product), increasing the chances of conversion.

Final Notes

Undoubtedly, this feature has a great potential for Online Advertisers, especially e-commerce retailers and should definitely be a must-have feature for businesses who want to stand out from the crowd.

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