Google Ad Preview Tool

Google Ad Preview Tool

The Ad Preview Tool from Google allows advertisers to view their Adwords PPC campaign ads, without affecting the  Click Through Rate (CTR) and Quality Score (QS).

Many advertisers who are new to running a PPC Campaign do not realise that searching constantly on Google to see if and when their ads are appearing has a negative impact on the CTR and Quality Score.

Why? Every time a PPC ad is shown after a search query has been entered, whether it is clicked on or not, it counts as an impression of that ad. If that searcher decides to click on the ad, it will be counted as a click. These impressions and clicks influence the CTR, as CTR based on the number of clicks divided by the impressions. In turn, the CTR affects the QS. Therefore, if ads are appearing constantly but not being clicked, the CTR and QS would both lower because it appears that the ads are not effective and relevant to searchers.

The ultimate cost to the advertiser is a higher cost per click (CPC), as CPC is calculated based not only on an advertiser’s minimum bid but also their QS.

The Ad Preview Tool also helps when running a PPC Campaign in another state, as it allows searches to regions that are geotargeted. For example, if an advertiser searches from their home computer in Sydney for ads which are targeting Western Australia, those ads will not appear. With the Ad Preview Tool however, advertisers are able to select the country and state from which to simulate a search.

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