Google AdWords for Video to Hit YouTube

Google AdWords for Video to Hit YouTube

Exciting news! YouTube is set to launch soon a beta trial of Google AdWords for Video. This tool will simplify running online video ad campaigns, by allowing advertisers to use a dynamic, auction-based platform to place and manage ads on both YouTube and the Google Display Network.

In the new platform, advertisers will be able to one campaign from a selection of video assets and pay only for video views as opposed to impressions. The advertiser will only pay for the ad if the viewer watches more than 30 seconds of the video. If the viewer skips the ad, then there is no charge to the advertiser.

When viewers do watch video ads, studies show that they tend to remember the subject. This makes video advertising a powerful asset if it is used correctly, and the upcoming Adwords for Video platform aims to do just that.

For instance, advertisers will be able to target specific groups. The targeting capability uses logged-in user data provided by each user in YouTube accounts and some inference data. Advertisers will be able to target by content (language or topic). Another advantage of the upcoming platform is its advanced measurement and reporting capabilities. For instance, advertisers will be able to know who views the videos, for how long, and what actions they take as a result.

Setting up video campaigns will also be made easy. A dashboard within AdWords for Video will allow advertisers to set budgets, monitor impressions, views, average cost per views, total costs and website clicks. Advertisers will enter a headline, description and thumbnails, display URLs, destinations and more. A preview window will show advertisers a view into where and how the video will run.

There is no release date yet for Google AdWords for Video, but stay tuned – Google says there’s not long to go!

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