Google AdWords Loses Capital

Google AdWords Loses Capital

Google’s AdWords search advertising platform has rolled out a new uniform display for the URLs of its Pay-per-Click ads, changing how they appear to users of the Search Network.

The change means that the capitalisation of letters within display URLs is no longer supported. Advertisers previously had the option of displaying their ad URLs in the following format:

The new format would render this URL as:

Word from the official Google AdWords blog is that:

“In any given month, we experiment with hundreds of subtle variations of the Google search results page, testing everything from font sizes and colors to layouts and spacing, as well as dozens of other variables. Recently, we found that by standardizing the look of the URLs on the page, we were able to improve many of our user metrics, including ad clickthrough rates.”

No action is required from advertisers with AdWords campaigns, as change to lowercase has been automatically rolled out across the board.

The lowercase URL standardisation has not affected the Display Network, so visitors to websites showing AdSense ads will still be able to see capitals if the advertiser has selected this option. Google has not indicated whether it plans to apply the lowercase only standardisation to the Display Network.

I am not sure about what effect this new standard will have on AdWords, as personally I have found that having uppercase letters in URLs makes them more noticeable.

What are your thoughts? Is getting rid of capitals in URLs a good idea for AdWords click-through rates?

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