Google Analytics 101

Google Analytics 101

So… You have a website, you have rankings, and you are getting little or no sales.  There can be many reasons for this, but what do the experts look for?  What are the signs? And what can YOU do to change them?

The easiest way to track, monitor and analyse these above points is the well known and respected Google Analytics.  The first time I was introduced to this amazing program my jaw dropped and the first thing that came out of my mouth was “they can do that?”  Fortunately…

Yes they can!

Hours can be wasted looking through Google Analytics…

Mmmm that’s interesting 5 people visited my site from Kent in England … waste of time!
Wow lots of people visit on a Sunday… waste of time!
64% of my mobile visits come from the iphone… waste of time!

What do the professionals look for?

Personally I never look at the front page.  From an SEO perspective it is, you guessed it, a waste of time.  Jump into Traffic Sources and find out what is really happening.

Direct traffic: Does the business compete in conventional marketing? Send out newsletters? This is where you find out how it is performing.  Wow! The site peaks every 12th of the month, drops by 25% the following day, and then settles down to the average traffic.  If a newsletter is sent out to existing clientele, it seems to be working, why would you not take advantage of this and sent out a bi-monthly newsletter? Even a smaller weekly newsletter? 

A lot of sites send out daily deals, which turn into MASSIVE revenue builders, if your site can handle this – why not?

Referring sites: Do you have an E-Commerce website, but are getting billed every month from affiliate websites? How do you know these are actually worth the traffic?  This is the place to find out. is sending me 1000 visitors and I am making 1 sale of $50 (if you have E-Commerce tracking) a small 1% conversion rate.  Are they charging you $200/month, is this worth it?  Perhaps, but at least you know the figures now.

Keywords: Knowing how much traffic is great!! But what are you comparing it to? Comparing to the previous month is good, but search trends differ from month to month, especially during the end and the middle of the year.  Create an excel sheet with the rankings you have on each keyword, and the traffic it brings to the website.  You can estimate what is the best keyword to work on, and how hard it will be to get more traffic, and ultimately more sales.

When you are checking the keyword traffic total to the previous months make sure to remove the website or business name, then you will be able to truly see how much the search engines are bringing you.

Analytics is a very complex tool, using it properly can create massive amounts of traffic and sales, learning how to use it takes time, but is definitelyworth it!

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