Google Analytics Goals FAQ

Google Analytics Goals FAQ

1. If I have multiple contact forms on different pages, do I need a separate thank you page for each one?

It is dependent on the goal. In most cases it is not necessary if there is the same contact form on every page. You do not need a separate thank you page for different contact forms.

If you have a form on the /contact.php page and the /about-us.php page that both redirect to the same thank you page (/thank-you.php) once the form is submitted, the programmer can setup a goal funnel to track which page (/contact.php or /about-us.php) the visitor is filling in the form. You can also check which pages the user visited that led up to a goal completion (Goals > Reverse Goal Path).

 2. Why can’t goals be set up on my shopping cart?

There could be several reasons why goals cannot be set up on your website. A common reason why we cannot set up goals on a shopping cart is that there is no receipt (thank you) page. The reason why we need a thank you page for goals is because it is the best way to track whether a visitor has completed a goal or conversion.

In the case where your website redirects to an external website for payment, please refer to the “Can I set up goals if my payment page goes off-page (e.g. PayPal)?” answer.

 3. Can I set up goals if my payment page goes off-site (e.g. PayPal)?

We cannot track a conversion completely if the website redirects to an off-site payment website (e.g. PayPal). This is because we do not have access to the PayPal website. We cannot place your Google Analytics code on an off-site payment page and therefore lose the visitor tracking. The best solution is for clients to implement an onsite payment strategy.

 4. What is Ecommerce goal tracking?

E-Commerce goal tracking is a block of code that is inserted on a receipt (thank you) page which automatically detects and records transactions (by assigning a dollar value) and product information. The data recorded by the code can then be reviewed in Google Analytics. E-commerce goal tracking is most beneficial to shopping cart websites.

 5. Is it possible to track the pages that the visitor visited before reaching my thank you page?

Yes, we can track the previous pages a user visited before reaching the thank you page (if a goal for the thank you page has been set up on your Google Analytics account). However, this will only work if your website does not redirect to an off-site payment page. Goals > Reverse Goal Path will show which pages the user has visited before completing a goal.

 6. What happens if my goals change?

If your goals change, you should immediately update them in Google Analytics. You may also need to update the conversion process as well.

 7. What happens to my goals if I redesign my website?

If the URLs have changed on the website, the goals setup may need to be changed.

 8. What is a conversion rate?

The goal conversion rate is the percentage of sessions on a site that results in a completed goal. The formula to determine the conversion rate is:

Conversion rate = outcomes (aka completed goals)/ visitors x 100

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