Google Analytics Real Time: Undercover Boss Australia

Google Analytics Real Time: Undercover Boss Australia

Coming off Lorraine’s post about Google Analytics Real-Time, we found an ideal test-case to see the new functionality in action. If you’re a fan of the Undercover Boss Australia TV series then you might have seen Staging Connections, an Australian event management company and one of our clients, appear on the show on Monday night.

In Google Analytics, we went to real time dashboard and viewed the active visitors on the website. It was amazing to see the number of visitors creep up during the duration of the show, and we enjoyed digging deeper to observe what users were doing on the website.

Real Time Keyword Analysis

Keywords via Organic Search

The above shows a snapshot of the number of active users on the website as well as the search terms they typed in to arrive at the website. Obviously the majority of search terms would be brand-related but it is interesting to see location terms being used — Melbourne and Sydney.

Real Time Content Page View

Top Content Views

Note: The red highlight indicates a drop in visitors in the last few minutes while green indicates an increase.

We can assume that the majority of users land on the homepage though it is interesting to see that a significant amount are also interacting with the Careers and Training and Locations and Venue pages. We can make a calculated guess of the visitors’ intentions in this scenario: finding more about Staging Connections.

Real Time Location Cities

Locations and Cities

Another piece of functionality is the ability to see the location of visitors, not only at a country or state level but city level such as Dubbo or Wollongong. We could also track changes in that demographic composition – for example, 45 minutes into the episode the number of Sydney visitors exceeded that of Melbourne visitors.

Real Time After Airing

Traffic a few minutes after the show

Within couple of minutes of the episode concluding, the number of active visitors shot up to around 450. We can attribute this to users going from their TV to their computer. How much did traffic increase on this particular day over the previous one? More than 3000%!

There are plenty of ways Real Time can be utilised (social media campaigns, conversion rate optimisation, etc) and this is just one example when one has air-time on national television.

Finally, we would like to congratulate Staging Connections for appearing on the show, and their CEO Tony Chamberlain for his superb portrayal of the Undercover Boss!

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