Google asks Australian Businesses to Update Their Local Page, or Lose Live Listings

Google asks Australian Businesses to Update Their Local Page, or Lose Live Listings

Many Australian Google+ Business accounts have received an urgent e-mail from Google to update their Google+ Places listings, or risk having to validate their account again.

The e-mails contain the subject line ‘Action Required: You have 3 weeks to save your Google Places Listing’ and read:


Due to changes in Google Maps, we’d like to inform you that unless you review and confirm the information in your Google Places account, we will no longer be able to keep and show it to Google users after February 21, 2014. 

As a result, on this date your listing “{Business Name}” may be deleted. 

If you wish to keep your listing active, follow these three easy steps: 

1.        Log in to your Google Places account 
2.        Review and update your information 
3.        Click the “Submit” button 

The Google Places Team

While the e-mails have been verified as legitimate by Jade Wang,  a Google Business Community Manager, the warning is also visible to Australian businesses who have not received the e-mails upon logging into their Google+ Business Page dashboards:


To keep your listing live, simply go to your Google+ Page account, review and make any necessary edits to your business information, and click ‘submit’. This must be performed on every page listing your business may hold by February 21st 2014. Pages that fail to review and update their listing by this date may be required to re-verify their business through the traditional PIN/Postcard process.

According to Wang, by having businesses review their information, they can provide users with the best local search experience by providing the most accurate search results.

If you have any questions or issues about this latest update, let us know in the comments below.

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