Google Gets Its Game On

Google Gets Its Game On

Google have announced they will be launching a new commercial platform, the Google Chrome Web Store, to target the casual online gaming and web application market.

According to Google, it is very difficult to find quality and entertaining web products amongst the thousands of applications and games available across the Internet. Its new Web Store aims to solve this consumer problem.

Unlike the Apple App Store, Android Market and other mobile application stores which take 30% of developer’s revenue, the Google platform will only charge a 5% processing fee from each transaction. The Web Store will charge a onetime $5 registration fee, and offer free trials and subscriptions to certain games.

The interface will allow users to leave reviews and comments on games, to allow others to judge for themselves before making the commitment to purchase. As with the App Store, some applications will be free. 

The apps available (either free of paid) will come in several varieties to suit a range of users. Some will be accessible through websites for smartphone users with full HTML browsers. Others will be specifically tailored for the Google Chrome browser (the Web Store is a Google product, after all). Yet others will be modified web apps that can be downloaded onto a user’s computer or mobile device.

The Chrome Web Store is planning to launch later this year, but developers are able to upload apps now for preview by the Google team. With the company’s traditional emphasis on quality over quantity, we can hope that those which are successful will be truly the best of the web.

Time will tell.

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