Google Places a Melting Hotpot

Google Places a Melting Hotpot

Remember Google Hotpot?

The experimental Hotpot was released earlier this year to make make local search results more personal and significant to users. Google Places already featured ratings and reviews, while Hotpot added the social touch of amplifying the locations you like and the locations your friends like.

Since the release has been met with great success, Google is now merging Hotpot more fully with Google Places, solidifying the connection between the two.  So what will happen now?

  • Hotpot, including the phone application and the website, will be rebranded as simply ‘Google Places’.
  • All the features in Hotpot will continue, however the layout will be reorganised to accomodate the more familiar Google Places interface.
  • All information resources linked to Hotpot, e.g. the Hotpot blog, will be rolled to Google Places.
  • The profile pages of your friends now show all of their ratings and reviews. The number of “Best Evers” is also displayed and there’s also an interesting graph showing the ratings most commonly chosen by the user.
  • Another useful addition is the possibility of uploading your own photos for places that don’t have them yet. Uploading photos was already possible on Place pages, but now you can do it from the Hotpot application as well.
  • Finally, the default search in Hotpot has been changed to nearby restaurants, since Google has determined that these ratings are the most popular.
Amazing, right? If you haven’t tried it out yet, you should definitely make use of this awesome Google tool!
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