Google Places – Mini Sitelinks?

Google Places – Mini Sitelinks?

It’s nearly been a year since Google started to merge its Maps listings into organic search results, with many iterations along the way. Now there is another change on the horizon, if the on and off appearance of these map sitelinks over the last few weeks are anything to go by:


As we can see above, there are keyword terms related to the service plumbing and also the locations around Sydney merged with the Google Places organic listings. Simply typing ‘plumbers in Sydney’ will yield similar results. Presenting these options in the Maps results is a step further on from the ‘Related searches’ option present on the left tab, providing alternatives for location as well as service, and all in the SERP itself.

Not only does this appear in merged Maps/organic listings but also search results yet to to be combined:

Sitelinks in non-merged Google Places listings

Clicking any of the sitelinks will bring to you pages that currently have a Places listing merged with organic search results, or look to be merged down the line (as seen above). For example, clicking ‘Italian restaurants’ lead to the search term ‘italian restaurants sydney australia’, which yielded a combination of Maps/organic merged, unmerged Maps, and traditional organic results.

If the first screenshot is any indication, Google may be headed down the path of adding even more related search terms within Google Places organic search results to better improve the user experience.

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