Google Plus and Analytics: What Does It Mean?

Google Plus and Analytics: What Does It Mean?

Google have been very busy lately with the release of Google Plus which is still being slowly leaked to the public at large. I’ve been using it since it was released late June and I have seen only good things thus far with many opportunities for growth and development in the pipeline.

For those of you who might not be totally up to speed on the situation, here is a quick heads up:

“The +1 button and the Google+ project are both about making it easier to connect with the people you trust online. For the +1 button, that means bringing advice from trusted friends and contacts right into Google search, letting the users who love your web content recommend it at the moment of decision.”

To date, Google’s integration of Google+ across its many platforms has been very good, and Analytics is no exception. As long as you have added the +1 button ability to your website then you should automatically have access to the stats on its usage.

While no one can be sure of the impact that Google Plus is going to make in the online world, I’m personally confident that it is going to be around for a while and will be eating away at some of the attention currently given to Facebook and Twitter.

One thing is for sure: savvy online professionals will be interested to know about the impacts these developments will be having on their online activities. Luckily, it isn’t that difficult thanks to some neat new features.

  1. +1 metrics in Google Webmaster Tools can show you how the +1 button affects the traffic coming to your pages
  2. The Search Impact report gives you an idea of how +1‘s affect your organic search traffic
  3. The Activity report shows you how many times your pages have been +1’d, from buttons both on your site and on other pages (such as Google search)
  4. The Audience report shows you aggregate geographic and demographic information about the Google users who’ve +1’d your pages.
My advice from here is to get into the action by adding the Google +1 button to your site and ensuring that your reporting is functioning 100%. Next, keep your eyes on this blog for more updates on how the Google+ Project will be impacting our online lives.
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