Google – the Next iTunes Provider?

Google – the Next iTunes Provider?

Could Google ever takeover Apple’s popular iTunes space in the market? Well at the rate that Apple is growing, the latest figures beat analysts’ forecasts and propelling the US Company’s share price to an all-time high.

According to TechCrunch reports, Google could possibly be following the same model as Apple by potentially selling digital music online. But other reports claim that Google will be creating search results linking music sites such as Lala and iLike who sell music. Already, Google has given some signs of interest in the area. In March, the company launched a music service in China that provides free, ad-supported music downloads.

If this eventuates, and Google gets what it wants, then it can become a major player in the online music space because Google already knows what people are searching for and can leverage off this knowledge.

According to reports:

“In general, Google is in a strong position to do something around music and compete,” Forrester Research analyst Mark Mulligan told “…they’re already a major player via YouTube, where we’ve seen online music video in many cases become more popular than online music audio. Apple can’t do anything about a BitTorrent download, but Google knows right from the start what people are looking for.”

Google can offer so much value in this area. General search terms can generate music product offerings and bundle product offerings which allow for total market capitalization.

So it will be interesting to watch this space over the next few months.

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