Google Can Now Review Paused AdWords Ads

Google Can Now Review Paused AdWords Ads

Google announced last week they will now be reviewing paused ads in Google AdWords in the same way they currently review active ads to “improve users experience; eliminate unnecessary delays in getting your ads approved and ultimately enhance ability to plan and manage campaigns”.

What does this mean for you?

According to Google, the change will shorten any delays in getting your ads approved. You can write ads you would potentially be interested in running or testing in the future, upload them, and leave them paused until approval. Sometimes, ads are permitted to run live for a certain period of time and are then disapproved. Now you can now eliminate this costly inconvenience by having all your ads previewed/reviewed before sending live.

What else?

Unreviewed paused ads will be sent through the standard ad approval process. All ads remain subject to Google’s AdWords advertising policies, meaning they can still be disapproved prior to live launch.

What are your thoughts on this new feature? How advantageous it you think it will be?

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