Guide to Google AdWords for Video

Guide to Google AdWords for Video

Last year the world’s biggest ad network and most popular video community joined forces to combine the powers of online advertising and rich media engagement in Google AdWords for Video. This platform enables you to easily manage your video ads on YouTube and the Google Display Network. Best of all, you only pay for the ones that actually get watched.

Here is a short clip introducing Google AdWords for Video:

AdWords for Video is located on the left navigation menu under Online Campaigns in your AdWords account dashboard. If you don’t have an AdWords account, setting one up is an easy 5 step process (click here).

Ready to go? Great! Now, let’s go through some of the terminology you’ll encounter when using AdWords for Video.

What are True View Video Ads?

In the AdWords For Video platform, promoted videos are called True View Video Ads. From your dashboard you can view which of your True View video ads are contributing most to the success of your campaign, as well as the ones that aren’t getting many views or conversions. You can target your video ads to particular audience segments with demographic or geographic filters, to maximise their exposure to only the audiences who would be interested in what you have to offer.

Types of True View Video Ads

True View ads are available in four different ad formats: in-search, in-slate, in-display and in-stream.

In-search Ads
In-search ads are those that appear in Google and YouTube’s search results. In Google, these videos are integrated as part of the Search Engine Results Page (SERP); in YouTube, they appear as Promoted Videos. Like traditional text ads in Google’s Search Network, in-search ads are priced on a CPC model, i.e. you only pay when someone clicks.

In-slate Ads
In-slate ads appear before long-form (10 minutes or longer) videos on YouTube are played. Viewers can either to choose to watch an ad from one of three different advertisers before the long-form video plays, or to see regular commercial breaks during the video. You only pay if a viewer watches your ad.

Below is an example of how in-slate ads appear on YouTube.

In-display Ads
In-display video ads appear embedded in websites across the Google Display Network, including on YouTube as Sponsored Ads. Unlike other display ads which are priced on a CPM model, you will only pay when someone clicks to watch your video.

In-stream Ads
In-stream ads are skippable ads that appear before a viewer selected video is played. These ads play pre, mid or post-roll in videos of all lengths on YouTube, and in video content across the Google Display Network.

Your ad plays for a minimum of 5 seconds, after which viewers can either continue watching or choose to skip it. If a viewer chooses to skip, you don’t pay for the ad. If the viewer watches for 30 seconds or more, you pay for the ad.  If your clip is under 30 seconds, then you pay only when the ad is viewed to completion.

Below is an example of an in-stream ad:

What does this mean for you?

The next time a potential customer enters a relevant search term for your business model, have a video ad up and running before your competition does! Many web users are more likely to click on a video over a text or image PPC ad. It’s new, it moves and it’s a chance to watch rich content instead of being directed to read another static web page.

Video advertising is also highly targeted and cost-effective. The AdWords for Video platform allows you to control your budget based on performance and, since you only pay when viewers choose to watch your ad, you are more likely to be paying for views by qualified prospects who are interested in your products or services. And as an added bonus, you get an increased YouTube video count!

What are you waiting for? Here is the proof in the pudding!

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