Guru Analytics 5 – Quick Wins: Fix Your Top Landing Pages

Guru Analytics 5 – Quick Wins: Fix Your Top Landing Pages

It’s now time to start identifying some quick wins. Today we can stuck into some analysis that experiments with strategies to see what outcomes we can manipulate and improve on. Our trusted guru Kaushik recommends that basic web analysis should start out with reviewing the performance of Top Landing Pages.

Top Landing Pages show us which pages on your site are getting the most initial attention. Why is it important to look into this? These pages are your visitors’ first impression of the site – and we all know how important first impressions are. Without a decent first impression to show the user what you are about and that you mean business, then the chances of them staying around for long are quite small.

An underperforming landing page tells us a couple of things:

  1. There could be an issue with the relevancy to users based on the structure of the campaign (poor keyword selection, bad ad copy etc.)
  2. There are issues with the structure of the webpage (bad navigation, inappropriate calls to action etc.)
Step 1 is to jump into your web analytics platform and find your Top Landing page report. Most decent platforms will then be able to tell you your Top Landing pages and their bounce rates. Step 2 is to ensure the pages you are reviewing contain comparison data against the website’s overall average bounce rate. This will give you the clearest picture as to where the site is hemorrhaging.

Once you have found your worst performing landing pages, Step 3 is to analyse what could possibly be causing the problem. Check out the elements on the page and their relevance to the information people are after. What keywords are bringing people to the site? Are they relevant to that information being sought? Do any particular segments bounce harder then others?

For some more information on how you can improve your landing pages, check out this post from our archives.

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