How To Boost Static Pages With Blog Posts

How To Boost Static Pages With Blog Posts

Hi everyone, and welcome back once again for my Monday blog post!

Today I would like to go over something I have been experimenting with recently. The strategy of increasing the relevancy of a static page through a new blog post is something I’ve come to believe would be beneficial for the majority of websites out there.

I will go over a little scenario first. Let’s say your website is about online marketing, you are ranking reasonably well for a number of keywords, but there is a lucrative keyword that you are struggling with. There are a number of options that you can use to get this page ranking higher – however, many of these will have the side effect of decreasing the rankings of other keywords and pages.

One popular method is building a large number of links. This works, but it can take a long time to source the links and ensure they are indexed. So if you want to get this moving up faster than 1-2 months, something else is needed.

The next tactic is similar to the above, but calls upon the power of internal linking! If you have a blog on the website, you have the ability to create any number of pages with ease. Each time you create one of these pages the authority of your website increases – “in theory”. But each individual page’s allocated authority will then decrease slightly. The reason being is that if you create 10 new pages, the authority of the website is now spread out over 50 pages rather than the original 40 pages – there is less authority to go around.

However, if you contextually link these newly created pages to the static page you want to link to, this will in turn increase the authority of the static page. Blog posts are great pages to link back to static pages. Take the below “blog post” for example:

SEO is great, it increases the number of people who see your site through Google search. This in turn will send more people to your website and eventually increase the number of sales or enquires that your website generates.

Notice how I have created a link in the text, using the keyword I want to rank, linking to the static page I want it to rank for – in this case, E-Web Marketing’s homepage. Just one of the many reasons we rank #1 in Google for ‘SEO’!

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