How to Use Landing Pages Effectively!

How to Use Landing Pages Effectively!

What is a landing page?

A landing page is any page on a website where traffic is sent to specifically to encourage a certain action or prompt a specific result. The goal, copy and design of a landing page is to get your potential customers, clients, business partners or patients to take your desired action.

Below are a few example of various ways landing pages can be used with various traffic sources:
• Traffic is sent from a banner or graphic to a landing page designed to address the visitors needs;
• Traffic is sent via a link in an email to a landing page to encourage a purchase or action;
• Traffic is sent from a pay per click (PPC) campaign to multiple landing ages optimised to correspond with the keywords the searcher used.

Tips for writing a top landing page:

1. Make sure your landing page content matches exactly what they read to come there. Matching the language is a great trick as it keeps you visitors oriented and engaged, they were interested initially, that’s what made them click through, maintain their interest and answer their questions. This is by far the most important part of your landing page.

2. Provide a clear call to action. Tell you visitors what they need to do, and easily too. Use large telephone numbers and buttons that stand out, or links and enquiry forms that are user friendly and effortless to complete. You can use more than one call to action, give people the opportunity to call or email, whatever is easier for them. Remember, it’s all about a user friendly landing page, if aspects are too difficult you won’t hear from your potential visitors.

3. Write in second person. Use You marketing, people are interested in themselves and finding a solution to their own answers, no one wants to know about your company they want to know what your company can do for them.

4. Write clear persuasive copy, providing an answer or solution for the visitor, there is no need to write complicated clever sentences, simple and clear is best.

5. Keep your main paragraphs on point a logical progression from your headline banner and offer. Make sure you keep on track, don’t offer any other thoughts or services, you have your visitors hooked already because of a concept don’t diverge from this. Ever diversion is a potential conversion lost.

6. Keep you most important points at the beginning, as people are skim reading, make it easy for your visitor. Short paragraphs and bullet points are always great.

7. Make sure you compose the screen carefully, make note of where your call to action goes having call to action buttons above and below the fold (the scroll bar) is essential. This allows a visitor to be able to take action wherever they are on the screen.

Following these tips can improve your:

Conversion rate:
• A small increase of 1% in conversions can make a massive difference to your business.

Homepage abandonment rate (high bounce rate):
• How many people come to your landing page and leave? Like any page you have a short window of opportunity, utilise it!

Cost per sale:
• Divide your advertising costs by the amount of sales to calculate your average cost per sale. Look at your numbers and make your campaign work for you.

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