Improvements to Google Geo-targeting to Aid Location Based Searches

Improvements to Google Geo-targeting to Aid Location Based Searches

Do you target a large number of location-based keywords in your PPC campaign? If so, recent changes to geo-targeting options in the US may be right up your alley when they hit our shores (watch this space).

Post Code Targeting Expanded to Canada

In the past it has only been possibly to target users down to a city level, however on April 5th Google announced the launch of “zip code” targeting. This feature allows you to target your PPC campaign to up to 1,000 individual postcodes at the same time. In addition improvements in tracking and reporting allow you to get performance feedback at the post code level so you can really establish which areas are most profitable and which aren’t hitting your ROI or conversion objectives.

This feature was rolled out to Canada on the 29th August so hopefully Australia will be getting access in the near future.

Location Insertion

If you’ve ever run hundreds or even thousands of individual ads to target individual locations in your headlines or descriptions, then this new feature is going to save you hours and hours of time.

Similar to dynamic keyword insertion, the location insertion parameters allow the creation of a custom ad title, text, display URL, and / or destination URL for all of your locations by automatically inserting the city, phone number or post code of your local business into your ad text. This new feature literally cuts out all the work to building out ad text featuring local information for all your locations.

As an example if your ad says: “Find a {} Store or Shop Online,” a searcher in Chicago would be served an ad with the headline: “Find a Chicago Store or Shop Online.”

As with all dynamic insertion you need to make sure that your parameters and default text is spot on to ensure that your ads make sense however once you have them up and running correctly location insertion should significantly reduce the time you’ve been spending creating location based ads.

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