Increased Online Shopping In Australia

Increased Online Shopping In Australia

At the recent retail expo run in Sydney earlier this year it was stated that research statistics show more then 75% of Australian shopping online are forced to purchase over seas due to the lack of product quality and availability. I can identify with as I am an avid online shopper, many a time have I needed to buy from countries such as America and the UK to get what I needed.
This above quote designed to entice Australian online shop owners to increase their efforts can now be backed up by further research conducted recently by “Roy Morgan Research”.

Their latest study shows that almost four tenths of the Australian population have purchased a product or service on the internet over the last twelve months up to the 30th of June 2009. The exact figures they reported are as follows:
37.9 % or 6.7 million Australians have purchased a product online in the 12 months leading up to June 09. In comparison to the previous year with only 34.4 percent or 5.9 million Australians. This indicates that the online market is by no means slowing and additionally that with the budget crisis at hand would indicate a potential for larger gains over the coming year.

With recent advancements in credit card processing security coupled with faster more reliable product shipping / delivery is resulting in a more confident and generally better experience for internet uses in Australia.

It will only be matter of time before Australian retailers begin to see the potential in the online retail market and start pushing their efforts into attaining an online presence, this will assist in addressing the issue of a lack of product availability and selection.

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