Introducing AdWords Dynamic Search

Introducing AdWords Dynamic Search

Google’s latest exciting AdWords feature to reach the beta testing stage is Dynamic Search Ads, which allows you to target relevant searches with dynamic ads generated directly from your site.

How Does It Work?

  • Google will index your website frequently for your products and/or services to maintain a fresh index using its organic web crawling technology
  • When someone makes a search on Google matching one of your landing pages, Google will dynamically generate an ad headline based on that specific page for your ad
  • Your newly-created ad will then enter the AdWords auction and compete normally against other ads

Note: The ad descriptions are still written by you

Targeting Options

Google has provided four options for combinations to include or exclude specific pages:

  1. Category
  2. URL
  3. Page Title
  4. Page Content

The Benefits

The best use of Dynamic Search Ads would be for those of you who have a site with over 50 products and a high turnover, as it may be difficult to ensure all appropriate new keywords are added the moment each new product goes live. Dynamic Search Ads acts as stopgap unti the proper keyword addition is made.

Another benefit is that keyword variations that may have been overlooked are given a shot. Reviewing your search query report, you may be surprised at additions that generated a click and lead to a conversion.

When Can I Start?

If you are interested in signing up for the beta program, you can contact your Google representative or sign up here.

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