Introducing Google Analytics Premium

Introducing Google Analytics Premium

Data, data, data!

It is very important that you track the statistics of your webste to learn about your website visitors. Google Analytics has been a important tool for personal blogs, small to large companies, and most websites on the internet. The current version of Google Analaytics is good, but based on user feedback, it’s not good enough. So Google has introduced Google Analytics Premium, which caters to the specific needs that were reported by advanced users of the system.

What extra features does Google Analytics Premium have?

  • More data – It has the ability to process more data, and generate reports that are more customised to your needs
  • Analysis – has a more advanced analysis tool which allows you to test different models for assigning conversions
  • Customer service – there is service support to help you out with installation and questions about the Google Analytics Premium 24/7
  • Guarantees – agreements for data collection, processing and reporting

Is there a fee for this wonderful product?

Yes, it is available at a fixed annual fee in the United States, Canada and United Kingdom.  It has not rolled out in Australia as yet, but keep an eye on it if you are interested in getting more data and understanding the interaction on your website!

What is happening to the normal Google Analytics?

Google Analytics will also continue to offer the free version.  Keep using Google Analytics as it is a useful tool, however if you are a larger business needing advanced functions to understand your website more deeply, definitely utilise Google Analytics Premium when it comes out in Australia.

If you want to know more about the current functions of Google Analytics, speak to one of the Google Analytics Qualified Experts at E-Web Marketing today!

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