Is Your Site Trustworthy?

Is Your Site Trustworthy?

You’re a trustworthy person with a well-intentioned, value-adding business that does nothing but promote the wellbeing of the planet and humanity everywhere. You’re an all-round good human being, but the online fish don’t seem to be biting as much as they should.

Well, if you have a product or service that people (should) want at a reasonable price, the problem could be that your site isn’t quite as trustworthy as you are. So how can you build trust on your website?


Focus on the bright spots: you have happy customers that will praise your service, responsiveness and quality – so use them! A compliment from a customer means 10 times more than a a self-gratifying pat on the back that is subject to the Fundamental Attribution Error. Use testimonials to overcome common concerns that your target market will have – for example, if on-time delivery is crucial to them, use a testimonial that praises your ability to deliver on time when under the crunch.


  • Have them visible on every page
  • Put them in a rotating box or JSlider
  • Add pictures (or videos if you can) to give more credibility
  • Celebrity testimonials count for 12.43 testimonials from regular people (even if they are from Jersey Shore)

Security/Privacy information

Online shoppers can be downright paranoid about security – an “insecure” looking website is one of the first things addressed in a conversion rate optimisation campaign. From the very first impression, you need to make it clear that your website is safe.


  • Ensure your contact form tells people that you will not share their details with spammers
  • Purchase an SSL certificate
  • Display security and credit card logos on all pages, especially the pages made before a decision is made
  • Have a easily accessible, detailed privacy policy

Warranties and Guarantees

Warranty and guarantees give people a back-put option and is a great way to tip potential buyers into no-obligations customers. Of course, very few people that buy something with an unconditional guarantee end up returning it, even if the barriers are almost nothing (if you didn’t know that, read “Stumbling on Happiness” by Daniel Gilbert).

An extreme example of this is Zappos, who offer free returns INCLUDING shipping on their shoes. This kind of customer service has made them a darling to their customers. Whether you can do that or not, theirs is a a lead to follow.


  • Display this high up on the home page
  • Put it in a star shout bubble thing (you know what I’m talking about)

Supporting Information

Having a “FAQs” and “About Us” section is a great way of showing people that you are a real company.

Tips for About section:

  • Include a (flattering, smiling) picture of your team
  • Mention how long you have been around
  • List some of your happy customers or demographics
  • Show how passionate you are and how you are the best
  • Make it accessible from the main navigation

Tips for FAQs

  • FAQs should appease concerns
  • They should also push your strengths and selling points
  • Show them that there are catches if applicable, and how you have mitigated them
  • Make it accessible from the main navigation

Look and Feel

Your customers will trust a site more if it looks modern, profesional and clean. There is so much more that could be discussed about clean websites, so I’ll save the detailed discussion for a later blog post.


  • Keep it clean and modern
  • Remove all ads – especially the dodgy ones!

What You Can Do, Today!

Look at your website – where can you build trust based on the tips given above?

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