Jeff Yang Owned the Search Engine Room

Jeff Yang Owned the Search Engine Room

E-Web Marketing sponsored this year’s Search Engine Room at Darling Harbour’s Dockside venue in Sydney, giving industry related professionals the opportunity to meet Australia’s leading SEO new business team.

Search Engine Room is an Australian owned conference that strives to reflect the market in which it operates while embracing international trends online.

The E-Web team were armed with big smiles and SEO knowledge having our own stand in the foyer, ready and openly awaiting to meet and greet anyone willing to share the Search Engine banter going around for 2009.

Arriving at 7:30am for a pre game chat the E-Web team members that attended included the likes of Gary Ng, Jeff Yang, Marc Thwin, Lorraine Owens, Tom Wong and Michael Teasdale. By 9am the foyer was full of Search Engine discussion and business card swaps happening in all directions. Now with a day full of speeches on the timetable, it began with Google’s Justin Baird to get the crowd going and E-Web’s resident confidant Jeff Yang booked in for 2:30pm.

After a well supplied buffet breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea, Jeff Yang was up to give his detailed presentation on awaiting ears in a packed room. Jeff gave a structured and methodical client study on Recall and the SEO strategy E-Web Marketing had put in place to give them their online success. On the completion his the speech the audience of search engine experts were asked if there were any questions….there was not one question which is a huge compliment to Jeff and the detail he went into with the style of his presentation.

All in all once again E-Web conquers another event walking away with our heads held high, our pockets full of business cards, multiple requests for meetings and armed with more and more knowledge on an ever changing industry.

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