Learn more about Public Speaking with Sam Cawthorn

Learn more about Public Speaking with Sam Cawthorn

Leading Public Speaker, Sam Cawthorn

Leading Public Speaker, Sam Cawthorn

Imagine this.

You confidently step up to the stage without any nerves, you make the presentation of your life, you finish your presentation and you get a standing ovation.

How good would that feel?

To quote Jarod Kintz, “99% of the population is afraid of public speaking, and of the remaining 1%, 99% of them have nothing original and interesting to say.”

I’m inclined to agree with Jarod. I don’t know about you, but I almost fall asleep at most business presentations I attend.

What about my presentation skills? Shouldn’t I be practising what I’m preaching? Funnily enough, I was speaking in Melbourne last week at the eCommerce expo. My presentation was only a short eight minute talk, but I was able to make the whole audience laugh, keep them fully engaged and got a strong applause at the end of my talk. I’m not saying I was the best speaker on the day, but I felt great after the speech and got some great feedback in the bar after the talk… or maybe that was because I shouted a round of drinks. But the thing was,  I was the LAST speaker on the last day.

How did I do this?

I got a “crash course” in public speaking by my friend Sam Cawthorn, one of the world’s top public speakers. Last month he was completely booked out and was on 38 flights in the month. He’s shared the stage with Bill Clinton (and got a higher audience rating than Bill), consulted to Google, Citibank and Toyota, and I could write another email just about Sam’s achievements but I think you get the point.

He taught me a lot of very cool speaker tricks, like how to tell a funny story, how to make a strong start and how to keep the audience engaged throughout the whole talk. Looking back at the eCommerce expo, I wish my fellow speakers last week got the same training I did. It would have been a more interesting conference!

So to help reignite brilliant speech back into public speaking, I have persuaded Sam to be our next speaker at the E-Web Success Series. He’s going to reveal his closely guarded secrets of a brilliant speech and share the same tips he shared with me that resulted in a lot of interest and enquiries into the services I provide at E-Web Marketing.

If you come to the E-Web Success series on Monday May 5th (4pm start), and you do what Sam tells you to do, I can guarantee you’ll get a great response to your next speech.

As always, there’s no charge to attend the E-Web success series. Simply visit the Success Series page and register your details!

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