Targeting Localised Search for Killer Traffic and Conversions

Targeting Localised Search for Killer Traffic and Conversions

One of the main strategies implemented by many of the larger websites online is the use of local area based targeting, going as specific as individual streets and suburbs. Though generic keywords may bring large amounts of visits to your site it is well known that more often than not the long tail keyword is the one that will result in a sale. Studies of internet user trends show that the longer the keyword term the longer the user will remain on the site.

Most internet users when searching for a product or service online, have a habit of first searching for the more generic keywords, they will then slowly refine their search to include more details until they get search results that look like they can provide what they want within the first couple of results on the page. If these above statement remain true then it is important for webmasters to capitalise on this great opportunity.

The reason for this article is to explain the whys and how’s of area/location based targeting the reason behind this is because one of the main terms an internet user adds into their search engine queries to refine their search is the location that they are in, or looking for a services in.

How do you go about implementing location based targeting?

The best method of implementing local area based targeting is to create dedicated pages to each of the areas you wish to target. Having the specific location mentioned in the pages title, Meta data, tags and content as well as having links pointing to that page with the location in the anchor text will ensure the page is well optimised to rank for its location based searches. Please note that if the target location is mentioned too often in the above specified areas, it may easily be considered as spam and no longer accepted into the search results. It is best to get a qualified search engine optimisation firm to implement this strategy for you.

What areas do you target?

This will mostly depend on the resources that you have at your disposal for implementing such techniques. As a general rule it is best to target as small an area as possible some large online companies go as specific as streets and landmarks, though this is most probably beyond the needs of the average website.

Most sites would need to start by generating a list of the areas you service, somewhere between the generic states and regions to the more specific suburbs. By creating a list and crossing the locations off one by one as you create a page for each, in a relatively short period of time you will be generating highly qualified traffic that converts like crazy.

What information do you put on the pages?

The information that each location based page will contain will differ depending on the industry you are in. One ways to do this that is generic across many different niches would be to use customer feedback. By listing reviews of your service with the location they are writing about.

Having unique content for each page is very important not only will this increase the rankings of the location pages, it will also help you rank for your more generic keyword terms by increasing the overall size of your site, just one more reason to get involved with location based targeting.

What else is there to consider?

It can also be a good idea to use a surrounding suburbs list somewhere on each of the pages, listing roughly 5-10 of the nearest suburbs, though there is also big advantages if targeting suburbs to have categories that are broken into State and Regions, but this article is well outside of the scope of this. Again if you would like to get in depth information on how to specifically target narrow locations it would be best to seek the help of a reputable SEO firm.

Location based targeting is all to often overlooked and for its huge potential to bring in more sales than your more generic keywords, it may be time for many sites to start now implementing some of the above mentioned techniques.

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