Making the Transition to the New Google Analytics

Making the Transition to the New Google Analytics

Google Analytics TransitionOver the last 6 months, Google has slowly added features to the new version of Google Analytics, and after finally allowing users to export report files into PDF format, there aren’t many arguments left for staying with the old version.

The question on the minds of many frequent users has been: When do I make the switch? Well, Google is here to make the decision easier for you, by announcing that “…the old Google Analytics interface as well as all existing scheduled emails will be sunset starting in January 2012.”

That’s right, January 2012 is when the transition will happen, leaving you with around 3 months to get up to scratch with the newer interface and its great features.

Not caught up with all the features? Below we have compiled the recent additions to will bring you up to speed:

These convenient visualisations of the Visitor Path report make it much easier to segment user behaviour and optimise the visitor experience.

This allows you to track events without it affecting the bounce rate of the targeted page.

SSL visits will be differentiated in Google Analytics (as well as other web analytics tools), although visits will continue to be counted as ‘organic’.

We found an ideal test case to see the new functionality in action. Especially interesting if you’re a fan of the Undercover Boss Australia TV series.

We have never been able to see if a user came through multiple channels before making a purchase, or submitting an enquiry… but now we can!

As long as you have added the +1 button ability to your website then you should automatically have access to the stats on its usage.

We now have two new reports to play with: Mobile Overview and Devices Report.

For more articles visit here and for the latest information, follow the Google Analytics Official Blog.

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